EP: 200 - I Think Somebody Lying! 🤥

Different Strokes Podcast !!!

Like three strands of hair that twist to a plait, here combines the realness of R.A.W (Rhys), the smoothness of Mister 2 Drinkz and the flith mongery ...
The Boys celebrates episode 200 in style while discussing: Landmark Episode (5:50), Lauryn Hill’s New Album (17:00), Timeless Music (23:10), Perfect Albums (35:05), Diddy Did It (41:15), Super Scenario (1:05:05), Justice For Grenfell (1:09:20), First Black Samurai (1:18:18), Smoking ban (1:24:53, and much, much more…

Host: Rhys - Twitter: @Raw_like_me - Instagram: Rawlikeme, Mark Brown - Twitter: @Mister2Drink - Instagram: Mister2Drink - Kaydia - Instagram: @kay.veronica.fennella - Twitter: @KSmall91 - MrOh - Twitter: @MrOhYes







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